CSE658 Seminar on Mobile Systems and Networks


Fall 2015


Prof. Aruna Balasubramanian and Prof. Samir Das.

Course Time: 

Tu 1:00 - 2:00 PM


New Computer Science Building, Room 109


  • Web page is up!
  • First organization class on Tuesday, September 1st.


The goal of this class is to read the latest papers in the fields of Mobile Systems and Networking. We will mostly read the latest mobile papers from MobileSys, Mobicom, NSDI, Sigcomm, OSDI, and SOSP and a few other conferences.

If you are not registered for the seminar, you are still welcome to still come to the class. But all students (irrespective of whether they are registered) should come to the class prepared to discuss and critique the paper. One student volunteer will lead the discussion and present the paper each class.

Tentative Schedule: 

Date Readings Student volunteer
9/1/2015 Organization meeting N/A
9/8/2015 Identifying Traffic Differentiation in Mobile Networks, IMC 2015 [link]  Abbas Razaghpanah
9/15/2015 Efficient Privilege De-Escalation for Ad Libraries in Mobile Apps [link] Jian Xu
9/22/2015 PowerSpy: Location Tracking using Mobile Device Power Analysis,
Usenix Security 2015 [link]
Ayon Chakraborthy
9/28/2015 Smartphone Energy Drain in the Wild: Analysis and Implications, Sigmetrics 2015[link]  Yi Cao
10/6/2015 Characterizing Resource Usage for Mobile Web Browsing, Mobisys 2014,
 Rachee Singh
10/13/2015  MaLoc-A Practical Magnetic Fingerprinting Approach to Indoor Localization using Smartphones, Ubicomp 2014 [link]  Qingqing Cao
10/20/2015  LTE radio analytics made easy and accessible, Sigcomm 2014
 Md Shaifu Rahman
10/27/2015  Mobilyzer: An Open Platform for Controllable Mobile Network Measurements,MobiSys 2015 [link]  Javad Nejati
11/03/2015  SoftCell: Scalable and Flexible Cellular Core Network Architecture, CoNext 2013,[link] Vasudevan  Nagendra
11/10/2015 Ambient Backscatter: Wireless Communication Out of Thin Air
Sigcomm 2013 [link]
 Jihoon Ryoo
11/17/2015  Towards Wifi Mobility without Fast Handover, NSDI 2015 [link]  Sohee Kim
11/24/2015  Energy Efficient WiFi Display, Mobisys 2015 [link]  Fatima Zarinni