The NetSys Lab

Welcome to the homepage of the NetSys (Networked Systems) lab at Stony Brook University. Our lab works on problems in the intersection of networking and systems, with a current focus on smartphones and wearable devices.

An overview of our Web performance projects can be found here, and an overview of our mobile systems projects can be found here.



  • Janurary 2020: Conor's work from IBM Research on using deep learning for Web cryptomining detection accepted at MADWeb 2020, colocated with NDSS 2020.

  • September 2019: Three papers accepted at IMC. One (long) paper on rethinking TCP modeling, one (short) paper on BBR performance bottlenecks, and one (short) paper on characterizing JSON traffic, which is fast becoming a more dominant traffic in CDNs compared to HTML. Congratulations to Yi Cao and Santiago Vargas who led the works.

  • July 2019: DarkReader paper that makes smartphones more power efficient for blind users accepted at ASSETS (SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility). The paper is also nominated for a best paper award! Congratulations to Syed and Jian.

  • Mar 2019: DeQA accepted to MobiSys'19

  • March 2019: We designed a reading detector that can detect when a user is reading a Web page versus skimming. This work is accepted at ETRA 2019 and is part of our ongoing work on understanding user engagement on Web pages. Congratulations to Conor!  

  • Oct 2018: Aruna recieves the VMWare Early Career Grant and is selected as one of the N²Women Rising Stars in Computer Networking and Communications.

  • Aug 2018: Mallesh's work on characterizing how low-end devices (popular in developing regions) affect Internet QoE accepted at IMC 2018. Congratulations to all!

  • June 2018: Jian Xu's paper on Ultra Low Power Screenless Interactions (with collaborators Suwen Wu, Xiaojun Bi, and Roy Shilkrot) accepted for publication at UIST 2018. Congratulations! This is the lab's first HCI paper.

  • May 2018: Jian Xu's work on Voice UI for Alexa (done as part of his internship at Samsung) accepted at EdgeSys workshop

  • May 2018: Its internship time again. Conor-->IBM Research, Qingqing-->MSR, Santiago-->Akamai, Yi--> Brave