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Conference Paper
Cao, Y., J. Nejati, MUHAMMAD. WAJAHAT, A. Balasubramanian, and A. Gandhi, "Deconstructing the Energy Consumption of the Mobile Page Load", Sigmetrics, 2017.  (3.09 MB)
Kelton, C., J. Ryoo, A. Balasubramanian, and S. R. Das, "Improving User Perceived Page Load Time Using Gaze", USENIX Network Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), March, 2017.  (2.1 MB)
Cao, Q., N. Balasubramanian, and A. Balasubramanian, "MobiRNN: Efficient Recurrent Neural Network Execution on Mobile GPU", 1st International Workshop on Embedded and Mobile Deep Learning (EMDL), May, 2017.  (254.5 KB)
Balasubramanian, A., N. Balasubramanian, S. Chakraborthy, S. Jain, and V. Tiwari, "PrIA: A Private Intelligent Assistant", HotMobile, February, 2017.  (1.16 MB)